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Why do the laundramat when you can rent this Amana Laudry pair? Do the laundry in the comfort of your own home, anytime you want to. Save time, Save Money, Take better care of your family's clothes! 27" Top-Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Super Capacity, 9 Wash Cycles, 3 Water Level Selections, 5 Automatic Temperature Controls and Porcelain Wash Basket. Good Energy Effieciency! 29" Front Load Electric Dryer with Super Capacity, Eleven Drying Cycles, Automatic Dryness Control, End of Cycle Signal/Indicator and Reversible Door
Department: Laundry
Sub Department: Washers_Dryers_sets
Brand: AMANA
Retail Price: 120 Days Same as Cash:999.99
Weekly Term: 104
Weekly Rate: 19.99
Monthly Term: 24
Monthly Rate: 79.99

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